Veterinary Opthalmology

What is veterinary ophthalmology?

"The eyes are the mirror of the soul"

…and this assumption also applies to our furry friends!

Visual disorders are not uncommon among animals and they may also be a sign of more serious diseases and conditions; Without proper treatment and prevention, they can affect the quality of life of our beloved companions and impact their mood.

VETERINARY OPTHALMOLOGY is a branch of pet medicine that focuses on eye care and ocular disease prevention.

The animal eye is a very sensitive organ, even more than the human eye. Some breeds are more susceptible than others to specific eye problems. The causes are multiple: excessive dry eyes, eye irritation due to hair rubbing the cornea, protrusion of the eyeball, hereditary reasons.

-OFTALMOLOGO VETERINARIO ha conoscenze avanzate sulla salute oculare, sulle diagnosi, il trattamento e le procedure mediche chirurgiche  inerenti all’occhio.

The veterinary ophthalmologist is able to visit the patient both in his private practice and at the animal's local reference clinic, carrying out routine examinations, diagnostic tests, to draw a diagnosis and establish therapeutic, medical and/or surgical intervention to be performed.

What to expect during a specialist eye examination

"The eye also wants its part " ...of attention!

My specialist eye examination to furry patients starts with a deep understanding of the animal: empathically, to put the fearful patient at ease; and anamnestic, to outline a complete picture of past and hereditary pathologies.

Once the ice is broken, a comprehensive eye exam is carried out in all its parts, including eyelids, cornea, lens and fundus; the latter is examined with an ophthalmoscope.

I will measure eye pressure with a tonometer. This is essential in order to correctly assess the patient's eye condition.

At the end of the visit I will be able to determine the most suitable type of treatment.

What are the most common eye diseases in animals?

"An eye for an eye, a lens for a lens"

oftalmologia veterinaria congiuntivite animali domestici cane gatto veterinario oculista oftalmologo lazio molise roma


Conjunctivitis is among the most widespread inflammatory disorders affecting the eyes, even for our animals. The conjunctiva, that is the clear membrane that covers the white part of the eye, becomes red and sometimes swells; pus may occur.

This type of disorder, especially in case of relapse, should be evaluated as it can be a sign of more complex underlying pathologies.


All pets can develop cataracts, especially dogs.

The lens becomes opaque and the pupil takes on a bluish-white color. The causes are related to several factors including metabolic syndromes.

Currently, the therapeutic solution for this condition is solely surgical.

cataratta animali domestici occhio cane gatto veterinario oculista oftalmologo lazio molise roma
glaucoma animali domestici occhio cane gatto veterinario oculista oftalmologo lazio molise roma


Glaucoma is a disease in which damage to the optic nerve can lead to progressive, irreversible vision loss. Some breeds are predisposed to developing this condition. The treatment will be medical and in more serious cases a procedure or surgery may be necessary.


Keratitis is an inflammatory disease of the cornea. Keratitis is very common and typically requires targeted therapy.

cheratite animali domestici occhio cane gatto veterinario oculista oftalmologo lazio molise roma

Find out what I can do for your furry friend. Here’s a list of available Eye Tests and Exams.

roberto lombardi veterinario oculista oftalmologo clinica veterinaria ambulatorio lazio molise cura animali occhio cane gatto

Roberto Lombardi


Mi occupo di ofalmologia veterinaria, ma prima di tutto sono un grande appassionato di animali. Da anni mi occupo delle patologie dell’occhio che affliggono i nostri amici pelosi.